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Short, Lived - the world from 5'2''


by Abby MillerNov 2nd, 2017

So I've been fortunate enough to have done a lot of things, and to have seen a lot of places. Lately I've been learning to reflect, and to stand still. I started this blog to keep some memories, remind myself of old friends and good times, and to do a better job of capturing new experiences. Expect lots of pictures - I'll do my best to keep up.


Jeffrey is amazing. He is my partner in crime and in life and genuinely makes me a better person.

Not the smartest location for a photo... 2016 - The year Jeffrey survived a slumber party with 7 of my girl friends. He was a champion. That's how we know he's a keeper.

The Garden Lounge Gang

My Semester at Sea family. We sailed around the world together, and continue to meet up at least once a year. This photo was taken at one of our first reunions in San Diego.

San Diego Reunion - a beautiful condo right on the water.

New Zealand

by Abby MillerNov 2nd, 2017

I've been thinking about New Zealand a lot lately as Jeffrey and I just booked our tickets to return! Last year we did a camping roadtrip around the south island. Jeffrey spent twelve years growing up there, so I was especially fortunate to have a Kiwi(ish) guide. We went from Nelson to Milford Sound and back, with a stop on the way to do Christmas with Jeffrey's family. More pictures to follow.

Best Coffee in Wanaka

Ok, so Wanaka is tiny, but I love coffee shops and this one is my favorite of anywhere in the world. It was a great blend of good coffee, backpackers from all over, friendly locals, and beautiful starry skies. We charged phones, drank mochas, cider, and flat whites, chatted and walked along the lake in search of dinner. Wanaka is truly amazing.

Milford Sound

Still with me?

The "Milford Mariner" Our ship through the sound and into the Tasman Sea.

Milford sound is E.P.I.C. Imagine being surrounded by literally thousands of waterfalls streaming down these jagged black rocks, incredibly lush vegetation, mist, seals. It's awesome. Also fun - observing the unsuspecting tourists on deck, smacked by waves, wind, and waterfalls trying to get the perfect selfie.

San Francisco

by Abby MillerNov 2nd, 2017

I lived in San Francisco for a few months last year. I was living in a tiny cabin behind my boss' house in Berkeley, and I also was roommate to my supervisor and mentor living in West Oakland. I had a ton of great experiences, got to fulfill my "Live in San Francisco" bucket list item, and get some hands-on public health experience too.

I worked at a non-profit RIGHT along the water on Embarcadero and got to grab ACME bread in the mornings from the ferry building. We shared our building with IDEO - a world renouned design firm. Had I known what that meant at the time, and where my career would take me, I would have made some contacts! I really enjoyed my time here and hope to return one day.

More coming soon...

blog posts, thoughts, etc.

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